Janine AKA Jay9 founded and launched Reggaeoke in 2014 on the premise that karaoke was in desperate need of more song options when it came to Caribbean music genres. 

For the past 8 years, she has organised events that provide a unique and vibes filled karaoke experience, allowing people to cast aside any shyness, take to the stage and enjoy themselves!

Also the hostess at events, her encouragement and quick fiery wit ensures a whole heap of laughter and keeps energy levels high.

Taking up the mantel of our resident DJ since our return post pandemic in 2021.

The ‘Duke of Shellington’ ensures the karaoke and after party is a vibes fest!

Switch first took to the decks at a family function aged 15 and hasn’t stopped since.

For 18 years he has travelled across the world bringing his energetic musical prowess to the masses.